Sunday, October 28, 2012


This is my "rescue" dog, Peanut.  One day when I was out seeing a patient (home health nursing) I saw some kids trying to coax her out from behind a dumpster with Kix cereal  (it was working).   She was all matted up with ticks and knots.  She was posing as a puppy!   She was so tiny I thought she wasn't even a year old!  Then I realized she had been nursing.  I asked the people by the patient's apartment and they said she had a puppy with her but someone took the puppy (but not her!)  Isn't that awful?  We were very shocked to find out from the vet she was actually 5-7 years old!  (That was 2 years ago)

Since then she's been ours and she never has to hide behind a dumpster again!

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely

for that one dog, the world will change forever. 


She sleeps with us every night.  She loves to be held all day long when we're home- She takes turns between Mommy and Daddy.  When I put my robe on she jumps up and dances because she loves to be put in my robe and cuddled!

She is a kisser too!  

She doesn't even know she's cute! Even though she looks shy here- she really loves her clothes and gets cold without them.  She is not so sure about the bow though.  :)~ We live in AZ but the a/c is always on and she stays indoors most of the time though we do have a yard for her to run around in. 

She loves hanging out in the sun.  

That's my baby girl. Peanut!  

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