Sunday, June 17, 2012

Controversy over at Pinterest

I guess I wasn't surprised a few people would be offended by this or this. I lost about 500 or more followers after posting- to which I replied to myself,  "That's one way of weeding out the naysayers!"  (I look at the followers number because it is right there when I open my page and I am mildly curious only).

There were a few others that created even more of  spark but when I went to get them to post them on this blog they had "disappeared"  (presumably deleted by Pinterest).

I started my Pinterest account for the simple facts that it was taking up too much space on my computer to store all the photos I fell in love with online and my blog was not user friendly (It is here but I'm not posting to it anymore).  I thought it would be fun to have a "circle" of people with similar interests also.  For the most part it has turned out that way but every once in a while I am surprised by the brutally negative comments (which ironically mostly involve God or religion, Christianity, in particular).

Just recently I lost a couple of hundred followers over this photo.  Shocking, really. To me, it is a beautiful photograph of two people in love.  Iman has a wondrous, statuesque body.  When I look at it I do not think of pornography in the slightest.

Someone asked me why I don't reply to the negative comments or delete them.

I don't believe in fighting fire with fire.

Be hopeful. Change is coming. The next generation is SO much more open minded and accepting of the many differences in others. I believe that if we keep spreading love and joy more people will appreciate and accept differences in people rather than cast them out. 

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Even on Pinterest.  

Love will always win!



  1. yeah,... treat people equally as well...

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  4. I think it's so funny when people say that people shouldn't pin controversial stuff on pinterest, apparently we shouldn't be worrying our pretty little heads about stuff like that.........

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  6. I ridiculous! You would be shocked by the negative comments I've received. I think it's borderline bullying! I think people say whatever they want online because they don't have to face the person. It's like their true character comes out.


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