Wednesday, November 23, 2011

iPhone cases

I am in need of a case for my iPhone.  I came a cross a few choices I thought I'd share.  

This is seriously cheap- Under 3.00 at  

Another great Overstock deal.  It's "ok"

Overstock- afforable but just "eh"  
This comes with a long and a short strap.  Good idea but I'm not sure it is my style.  

I do like this one very much.  

It also comes in this sporty red (and a blue one too)

Pricey but oh so cute!  I like the patent leather black one in the back. 

It's less than 10.00 and it also comes in cheetah.  Cute. 


I might look for a small clutch that I can throw in my larger bag.  There are many more options this way,

Luna Boston

Diane Von Furstenberg

Foley & Corinna Bonnie Small Clutch

Whiting & Davis Chain Small

Kate Spade

fabric clutches with details
 found here

Chloe Etty Small


Carla Mancini

Alexander McQueen

What do you think Ladies?  How do you carry your phones?  When I'm wearing jeans it will fit in my pocket but oftentimes it doesn't fit in dress pant pockets.  If I'm wearing a skirt there's no pocket at all!   Do you use a phone case that you clip to your belt?   (I did that for work but it's too bulky to wear out)  If you use something like these please let me know your opinion on how easy it is to get the phone out when it rings and how you like it!  

Hugs, Fee


  1. I would go for the very first choice because all the other ones are too bulky for my taste!

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  3. f you go to a Mall or shopping centres, you will definitely find variety of iPhone cover but the best is to cover the backside of the phone and also allow access on the front side with easy glide in and out of my pocket



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