Saturday, November 26, 2011


Red.  Do you have any red in your home?  My kitchen is red.  My goal for my kitchen was high shine RED red- like red patent leather or a red sports car or that perfect red nail polish. I didn't QUITE achieve it but it's still really good!  ;)  My dining room also has some red in it as well.  If you are afraid to go all out it's ok- you can always use red in splashes and the impact is still there.  Love red!  What about you? Hugs, Fee

I would love this antique chair!

red lipstick tutorial In case you were ever wondering how only "some people" can wear red!  (Really everyone can do it. It is a matter of application.)

Heart and Home

I just had a lot of fun checking out Heart and Home Magazine online.  The images are all very well photographed.  It's a very sweet mag that you should definitely check out if you haven't already!  Link at the bottom of the page!  Enjoy!

Hugs, Fee

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bridal Photos

The Jewish Bride- Rembrandt 
The identity of the Jewish Bride is uncertain. This may have been deliberate on part of the artist, who created a masterpiece of human love that borders on the divine.
Described by Christopher White as
"one of the greatest expressions of the tender fusion of spiritual and physical love in the history of painting" 

Here are a few bridal photos that caught my eye:

Black and White: Bride facing window curtain with sunlight - by AnnMarie Sciascia, NJ New Jersey

Advertisement for wedding dress

Advertisement for dress

Advertisement for dress

Photographer Sandra Ivany

Indianapolis wedding photographer, Indiana wedding photographer, creative wedding photographer, artistic wedding photographer
turtle pond photogrpahy (husband and wife team)

Unveiled Wedding Photography

Unveiled Wedding Photography

Unveiled Wedding Photography (cute that she has to look at the post it note)

Unveiled Wedding Photography

Wedding dress photo
Daniel Corgrove

A few Bridal Boudoir Shots by Jana Williams Photography
I think this is a wonderful way to capture the sensual side.  Could you image looking back after many years at these photos and fondly remembering those first years of intimacy and how you felt as a new bride?
wedding boudoir photos Artistic Bridal Boudoir Session by Jana Williams Photography

bridal boudoir session artistic Artistic Bridal Boudoir Session by Jana Williams Photography

bridal boudoir ideas Artistic Bridal Boudoir Session by Jana Williams Photography

wedding boudoir pics Artistic Bridal Boudoir Session by Jana Williams Photography

artistic bridal boudoir session Artistic Bridal Boudoir Session by Jana Williams Photography

fine art bridal boudoir Artistic Bridal Boudoir Session by Jana Williams Photography

You don't have to be a model or a movie star to want to feel like one!  :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photographer Colin Vincent

The photography of Colin Vincent 
His images really draw you in.













kit and moni


aj feet

I really enjoyed checking out his site.  

Hope you enjoyed the show.
Hugs, Fee


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Adorable photo inspiration

20110209_Tadros_India_Raphael_03635 / Ingetje Tadros

I'll drive

Veronica Boehm

.. / *Milena

your hands. by ~musicandphotography on deviantART


Untitled / galaxies and hurricanes

Hold on. / Lauren Peralta

music... by ~Taiki-Takahashi on deviantART

Black & White

maybe for the last time..

touch bionics prosthetic hand- programmable by Bluetooth